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A View In To Cheating

Cheating - Why it's actually healthy to tell your partner about your desires. And alternatives to cheating. Why do people cheat in the first place? There are many reasons but here is what I think are the most common reasons: 1. A poor and unsatifying sex life. 2. Low self-esteem. 3. Lack of interest or commitment to the relationship. 4. Developing a new interest or love for another person. 5. Feelings of anger, resentment, or revenge. I bet all of us can come up with alternatives to these problems other than cheating. After all, cheating is not a solution it is a problematic symptom of another problem itself. I think it's safe to say that we can all agree that cheating is wrong and unhelpful to a relationship. Then why do we do it? Why do we feel the need to cheat even if we are in a loving and healthy relationship? We cheat out of weakness and we feel the need to cheat because it is a natural feeling we have when when we experience problems in our relationships, such as the ones I listed above. If we are going to stop hurting each other and ruining our relationships even more we need to take on the mind set that cheating IS NOT AN OPTION. Once we can make decisions under this mind set we can keep ourselves in a position to not create more hurt, more problems, and a bigger mess. You will be doing your parnter and yourself a favor by not cheating. With that being said what can we define as cheating? The answer to this will vary in every single relationship and should be discussed between you and your partner. What do you both define as cheating? Do you have varying views? Can you both agree on what is appropriate behavior with another person? Taking time to answer these questions with your significant other will create a strong foundation to base your relationship upon. For me as a general rule I don't do anything that I wouldn't want my partner to do. This can be applied in many aspects. If you wouldn't want your partner staring and making googly eyes at a hot person then you shouldn't do that either. This rule eliminates double standards and facilitates appropriate behavior for you and your partner. So what are we supposed to do when we are in the situation of deciding to cheat or not to cheat or when we have those overwhelming feelings of cheating? The answer is going to vary for your personal situation but look overthese suggestions and see if they are of any help. In my current relationship we reached a point where sex didn't happen that often and even displays of affection were beginning to fade away. I thought about cheating many times during that phase. It is a natural feeling. There should be no shame to feel this way. We are humans and we desire to feel loved and wanted and when we don't get that from our significant other we look for it in someone else. I had to remember that cheating was not an option though. I was (and currently still am) in a relationship where we are very open and we talk about anything good or bad. Instead of cheating and making our relationship worse I knew it was better to tell my partner about these feelings. For most people that is a scary and hard thing to do. Sometimes we just dont know how the other person will react or if it will make things worse, but think of it this way; if you keep these feelings to yourself nothing will get better and if you cheat nothing will get better. So what option do you have at this point but to discuss these felings or end the relationship all together? If you don't want things to end then you need to tell your partner your thoughts and feelings about cheating. You need to discuss ways to change the relationship to where each of you can get what you need. If this doesn't happen you will either be broken up by cheating or from personal needs not being met. In my case my partner was willing to change their behavior to help meet my needs sexually. It was a compromise on both ends; I demamded less sex and they offered more. We met in the middle and I haven't thought about cheating ever since. I advise all of you to talk it out with your partner first. Give them the fair chance to change. Their willingness to change will determine whether or not the relationship will work out. I'd like to add that any demands made in a relationship must be fair and two sided. Its hard to say what guidlines should be used when you are asking something of your partner. As cliché as this sounds try putting yourself in their shoes. If they where demanding something from you like you are demanding from them would you be willing to change? You need to be the person that you want to have as a partner. So I've talked about reason #1 of why peoplecheat, but what about the other reasons? Low self esteem, new love interests, revenge or resentment, lack of interest or commit? Well if youre facing any of these problems I can guarantee you that 98% of you are probably in the wrong relationship. I'm leaving hope for the 2% because dealing with these problems takes a lot of hard work, sacrifices, forgiveness and true dedication that many of us just dont understand or have anymore in relationships, but there are exceptions and couples who beat the odds. All of these problems will take a lot of time and love to overcome. Some of you may benefit from couples therapy in these situations. Couples therapy shouldn't be looked down upon. You shouldn't ever think that just because you are seeking help from an outside source that you don't know how to handle your own relationship. A professional and unbiased therapist can do wonders to help save a relationship. They can suggest exercises to help build the relationship again and they can help foster better communication between the two of you. We all know how misunderstandings can happen when both people in the argument are emotional. With all the alternatives we have when we face cheating there should be no reason for any of us to see it as a good idea or a solution. Cheating is not healthy for a relationship nor is it healthy for you as an individual. It can greatly affect your future relationships as well. Do I even need to mention how dangerous cheating can be as well? There are risks of diseases and unwanted pregnacies. I guarantee you don't want to deal with the mess of raising a child with someone other than your partner as a result of cheating. That will create more problems as is. (I am not saying that children who result from cheating don't deserve love and are not wanted). I encourage all of you to stay faithful and dedicated to the relationships you value the most and to have the strenght to leave the relationships that you can not fix and that don't benefit you. If someone isn't contributing to your life they're taking away from it. Everyone deserves a relationship where they have not been cheated on. Cheating creates a permanent tear in the relationship's trust and things will never be the same. That's not to say that things can't be great again but they will never be as they once were. So when you are facing the great issue of cheating tell yourself it's not an option and think of an alternative.
thank you @hikaymm. I agree that sharing those feelings help relationships even if it doesn't work out in the end. I just wish more people were like that.
This isnt what your situation was, but I was once in a situation where I thought we were already exclusive, and my partner didn't and told me he almost kissed someone else. When I got angry and called it cheating we were able to more clearly define what we expected of each other. While that relationship ultimately didnt work out, the fact that he shared with me his thought to cheat (even if he didn't consider it cheating) helped us more clearly recognize what we expect from one another. This is a great piece; thanks for adding it.
This is an extremely weighty topic - and I am impressed and glad that you chose to tackle it. Cheating is more possible when it's secret, and I think the best thing is to bring the issue out into the light. I especially like that you advise to start with the idea that cheating is NOT an option. From there one can figure out solutions to the problems that led them to consider a betrayal like that (which it is - a betrayal). I've heard other people say that they would rather the person in their relationship be honest and leave them than to persist in the relationship and cheat in secret. I think it is a really scary thing to think about - but it is helpful to think about it in the ways you suggest.
@KaitlynnJanae I guess it takes a lot of failed communication for some people to learn that it doesn't have to be secretive but rather openness in relationship communication on all fronts works better!
that is so true and such a good point. ive heard that too from nearly everyone I know whos been cheated on that they wouldve rather been broken up with or told about their problems rather than been cheated on. I know I wouldve rather had that in my last relationship. the cheating did more damage to me than the actual break up.
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6 Strategies to Get The Best Work From Your Students
In the times of modernisation with the ease of access to the internet, it has become quite tiring for the students to concentrate on school. This usually happens because of the prevalence of distractions such as scrolling on Instagram for hours at end and watching YouTube videos. Their concentration on schoolwork has become divided because of social media. If students want to achieve success, then they must learn to prioritise their schoolwork. But the question is, how can you make that possible as a teacher? Several students’ mindset towards success is achieving higher grades. While for other students, it may mean incremental participation in sports activities or other leisure activities. Teachers can help their students attain full potential, regardless of their goals and the way each measures success. Every student is unique and entertains different IQ levels. Some students possess the capability of understanding fast and memorising long chapters in a relatively shorter period of time while others have fewer skills to understand complex material effectively. In a school or a university where students with diversified mindsets are enrolled to gain an education– a teacher or a professor must learn different styles of teaching to cater to students belonging to different backgrounds. The slow learners or students with meagre IQ levels need extra attention. It is mandatory for the teacher to especially accord those students with extra time. Moreover, the strategy of punishing students for their academic flaws is quite old-school and would rather deteriorate their performance. This is why, as teachers, you must look for otherwise strategies. In this guide, we will share with you the 6 best strategies to get the best performance of your students. 1. Set High Expectations Conceive and cultivate an academically conducive environment in your classroom. This can be attained by setting high but achievable expectations for your students. Professional teachers push their students and motivate them regardless of their poor performances in the past. Along with this, a good teacher praises their students and works as a source of power and encouragement for them. Tell your students, “you are smart, and you can achieve this.” This may not work like magic and you can’t expect that your students instantly improve their performances – some students may take a while, but know this, every student wants to be told that they are smart and can achieve the best grades. If a teacher punishes their students and acts as a deterrent, telling them, “you cannot do this.” It will ultimately have a direct impact on their performance making them deteriorate even further. Also, that would demotivate them bringing their performance on a zero level. 2. Establish a Classroom Routine One of the factors that stagger the performances of the students is having no classroom routine. A classroom routine is as essential as teaching. A classroom with no scheduled routine results in undisciplined students, especially young students, misbehaving – which directly impacts their studies. One of the key ways to help students behave and concentrate on their studies is to establish a rigid classroom routine. Maintaining a classroom routine is no easy task, not even for the teachers with decades of experience. To be able to attain a compelling classroom routine, teachers should follow an outclass procedure that implements the necessary classroom ethics at the start of the school year. These procedures, if structured well can allow students to focus and concentrate on studies along rather than getting distracted. 3. Practice the 'Daily Fives' A popular norm that revolves around the teaching practices of many professional teachers boasting decades of experience is that they undertake five daily routines. In the academic world, this routine is renowned among many professional teachers. The routine reiterates; taking part in the same activity for 5 minutes in the opening of the class, and vice versa at the end of the class. The activities undertaken during these periods can be as simple as talking to your students of their interests, talking about a new movie released, or their favourite game. Once you have undertaken this routine, you must reiterate to your students, “It’s time to start now, take out your books.” If you are consistent with this activity, chances are high that it will become second nature to all your students. Moreover, in this way, students will be following a more systematic routine and know when to socialise among peers and when to concentrate and study. 4. Continually Grow in Your Profession Professional teachers enhance themselves by constantly studying and working on their shortcomings. Various studies and researches are constantly undertaken regarding professional teaching methodologies and released yearly Teaching is a dynamic career, and it is ever-changing – as technology advances, teachers must progress as well. Stay updated with the latest information regarding teaching using online journals, or join any workshop, and read ample books. These will enhance your teaching style and would make you communicate with your students better. Consequently, this will result in increased student’s interest in studies, and greater success. 5. Motivate your students Only a few teachers would not accept the fact that motivated students don’t yield impressive results. According to various studies, students who are keen to learn often end up absorbing more. This is why it has become mandatory for the teachers to learn some skills that boost the motivation of their students. Shared below are some tips to attain to motivate your students. · Plan ahead of taking a class and plan what you’d teach. And what will you discuss with your students in the class? · Heed the strengths and weaknesses of your students, pay attention to those who are weak. Praise and further motivate those who are strong. · This is more of a psychological tip. If possible, change your class’s room into a U-shape room, this makes it easier to make direct contact with your student. · Always vary your teaching styles, ensure to teach with presentations, demonstrations, group studies, and other ways. · You must revise whatever needs to be edited with your students. Put briefly, do not leave your students with piles of work to finish at home. Instead, you must be with them and help them review their objectives. For instance, if they need nursing essay writing help you must guide them and clarify all the requirements. 6. Vary Your Instruction Professional and skilled teachers learn various teaching types, as not every student is the same and each student's intelligence rates vary, so the teaching methods must also be different for all students. When you have different teaching techniques, there are a lot of chances that the performance of your pupils will improve. Instead of mastering just one teaching method, you must take a grasp of many teaching styles. In this way, your students can better understand your lectures and attain greater success. Both inexperienced or experienced teachers would improve with the aforementioned strategies. If you find any loopholes in your teaching methods, try opting for these tactics for a successful academic career of your students. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More Article About 10 Best Free Games in 2020
Today's Halloween Customs Are Thought To Have Been Influenced By Christian Dogma And Practices Derived From It. Halloween Is The Evening Before The Christian Holy Days Of All Hallows' Day (Also Known As All Saints' Or Hallowmas) On 1 November And All Souls' Day On 2 November, Thus Giving The Holiday On 31 October The Full Name Of All Hallows' Eve (Meaning The Evening Before All Hallows' Day)Witch Cosplay.Since The Time Of The Early Church,Major Feasts In Christianity (Such As Christmas, Easter And Pentecost) Had Vigils That Began The Night Before, As Did The Feast Of All Hallows'. These Three Days Are Collectively Called Allhallowtide And Are a Time For Honoring The Saints And Praying For The Recently Departed Souls Who Have Yet To Reach Heaven. Commemorations Of All Saints And Martyrs Were Held By Several Churches On Various Dates, Mostly In Springtime.In 609, Pope Boniface Iv Re-Dedicated The Pantheon In Rome To "St Mary And All Martyrs" On 13 May. This Was The Same Date As Lemuria, An Ancient Roman Festival Of The Dead, And The Same Date As The Commemoration Of All Saints In Edessa In The Time Of Ephrem. The Feast Of All Hallows', On Its Current Date In The Western Church, May Be Traced To Pope Gregory Iii's (731–741) Founding Of An Oratory In St Peter's For The Relics "Of The Holy Apostles And Of All Saints, Martyrs And Confessors". In 835, All Hallows' Day Was Officially Switched To 1 November, The Same Date As Samhain, At The Behest Of Pope Gregory Iv. Some Suggest This Was Due To Celtic Influence, While Others Suggest It Was a Germanic Idea, Although It Is Claimed That Both Germanic And Celtic-Speaking Peoples Commemorated The Dead At The Beginning Of Winter. They May Have Seen It As The Most Fitting Time To Do So, As It Is a Time Of 'Dying' In Nature.It Is Also Suggested That The Change Was Made On The "Practical Grounds That Rome In Summer Could Not Accommodate The Great Number Of Pilgrims Who Flocked To It", And Perhaps Because Of Public Health Considerations Regarding Roman Fever – a Disease That Claimed a Number Of Lives During The Sultry Summers Of The Region. By The End Of The 12th Century They Had Become Holy Days Of Obligation Across Europe And Involved Such Traditions As Ringing Church Bells For The Souls In Purgatory. In Addition, "It Was Customary For Criers Dressed In Black To Parade The Streets, Ringing a Bell Of Mournful Sound And Calling On All Good Christians To Remember The Poor Souls." "Souling", The Custom Of Baking And Sharing Soul Cakes For All Christened Souls, Has Been Suggested As The Origin Of Trick-Or-Treating. The Custom Dates Back At Least As Far As The 15th Century And Was Found In Parts Of England, Flanders, Germany And Austria. Groups Of Poor People, Often Children, Would Go Door-To-Door During Allhallowtide, Collecting Soul Cakes, In Exchange For Praying For The Dead, Especially The Souls Of The Givers' Friends And Relatives. Soul Cakes Would Also Be Offered For The Souls Themselves To Eat, Or The 'Soulers' Would Act As Their Representatives. As With The Lenten Tradition Of Hot Cross Buns, Allhallowtide Soul Cakes Were Often Marked With a Cross, Indicating That They Were Baked As Alms. Shakespeare Mentions Souling In His Comedy The Two Gentlemen Of Verona (1593). On The Custom Of Wearing Costumes, Christian Minister Prince Sorie Conteh Wrote: "It Was Traditionally Believed That The Souls Of The Departed Wandered The Earth Until All Saints' Day, And All Hallows' Eve Provided One Last Chance For The Dead To Gain Vengeance On Their Enemies Before Moving To The Next World. In Order To Avoid Being Recognized By Any Soul That Might Be Seeking Such Vengeance, People Would Don Masks Or Costumes Jasmine Cosplay To Disguise Their Identities". It Is Claimed That In The Middle Ages, Churches That Were Too Poor To Display The Relics Of Martyred Saints At Allhallowtide Let Parishioners Dress Up As Saints Instead. Some Christians Continue To Observe This Custom At Halloween Today. Lesley Bannatyne Believes This Could Have Been a Christianization Of An Earlier Pagan Custom. While Souling, Christians Would Carry With Them "Lanterns Made Of Hollowed-Out Turnips". It Has Been Suggested That The Carved Jack-o'-Lantern, a Popular Symbol Of Halloween, Originally Represented The Souls Of The Dead. On Halloween, In Medieval Europe, Fires Served a Dual Purpose, Being Lit To Guide Returning Souls To The Homes Of Their Families, As Well As To Deflect Demons From Haunting Sincere Christian Folk.Households In Austria, England And Ireland Often Had "Candles Burning In Every Room To Guide The Souls Back To Visit Their Earthly Homes". These Were Known As "Soul Lights".Many Christians In Mainland Europe, Especially In France, Believed "That Once a Year, On Hallowe'En, The Dead Of The Churchyards Rose For One Wild, Hideous Carnival" Known As The Danse Macabre, Which Has Often Been Depicted In Church Decoration. Christopher Allmand And Rosamond Mckitterick Write In The New Cambridge Medieval History That "Christians Were Moved By The Sight Of The Infant Jesus Playing On His Mother's Knee; Their Hearts Were Touched By The Pietà; And Patron Saints Reassured Them By Their Presence. But, All The While, The Danse Macabre Urged Them Not To Forget The End Of All Earthly Things." This Danse Macabre Was Enacted At Village Pageants And At Court Masques, With People "Dressing Up As Corpses From Various Strata Of Society", And May Have Been The Origin Of Modern-Day Halloween Costume Parties.
9 Signs You Have Senioritis
If you are about to graduate this year, then we’d like to congratulate you. You have successfully managed to cope with the tough and daunting four years of your life, or maybe more for a few students. But there is still a semester to go and you have to give your best shot to get a degree with good grades. For this, you need to make sure that you do not slack off on your school homework and deliver them on time. As senioritis might not be an actual disease but it sneaks up to you when you have least expected it. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop it. In fact, you might be suffering from it today and you don’t know about it. So, look out for the symptoms below and if you can relate with any of them, it might already be too late. 1. Procrastination, Procrastination and Procrastination If you are finishing up your assignments at the eleventh hour, you’re officially a part of the worst club of school – seniorities. And it is not something you should be proud of. Researching and composing content before a night not only increases your chances of failure but can also launch stress and anxiety. Although you can get the best UK law essay help for the law coursework or any other type of homework, you need to get back on track. 2. Failure to Keep Electronic Devices Aside You may feel that your hands are numb and your mind is fighting against your thoughts when you decide to turn off the TV or lay your phone aside. This is where senioritis is at its peak, making it impossible for you to follow up on your decisions. Here, you can do nothing but stay in that position for endless hours. 3. Inability to Remember Due Dates How are you supposed to remember the deadlines when you can barely remember to brush your hair before leaving the house? This happens when you are infected with senioritis and are unable to retain important information for a longer period. It cannot only mess up your project due dates but you might forget to take the lunch to the school or leave your keys behind while you are trying to unlock the car. 4. Trouble in Waking Up Early Studies suggest that seniorities can raise your energy levels at night, making you sleepless or irritated when you are trying to rest. As a result, you may feel dizzy in the morning and feel low in energy upon waking up. This disease has also reportedly increased intake of caffeine in last year students by almost 50 per cent. 5. Excessive Desire to Bunk Classes Have you ever tried to make excuses about false sickness or accidents so that you can skip classes and stay at home? Sadly, this is one of the ways of seniorities in students. You will find yourself reaching the maximum number of absences allowed or even exceeding it sometimes. By doing so, you not only set up a poor impression on your teacher but ruin your performance as well. 6. Lack of Motivation Whether you are having a hard time making yourself attend a school or preparing for the next big exam, seniorities are to blame. Lack of motivation and commitment is common among individuals who are infected with seniorities. However, what you can do is to surround yourself with high-esteemed and energetic fellows so that you stay motivated until graduation. 7. No Interest in Reading Lengthy Documents When you were enrolled in the program, you used to read the research papers and lengthy articles within a few minutes. So, what has happened now that you run from such documents? Well, it is definitely seniorities that is keeping you from concentrating. You may also have a shorter attention span and experience blurry vision when you try to focus on a document for too long. 8. Sense of Superiority Seniorities can make you feel like you are above and superior to everyone in the campus. When you start acting so, you automatically become egoistic and develop an attitude that has no basis. Cutting freshmen in the lunch lines and avoiding anyone less than your ‘class’ becomes a routine. Not only this but reaching the classroom 10 minutes late is nothing unusual for you. 9. Loss of Interest in Physical Appearance Repetition of clothes within a week is the most common symptom of an individual going through seniorities. Moreover, boys feel more comfortable wearing sweatpants to school and girls care less about wearing makeup each day. Therefore, if you have been least interested in maintaining and grooming yourself lately, then you might also be infected. What’s positive is that seniorities are not life-threatening and will usually go away with time. Fast forward to the graduation day, you would be all dressed up and excited for the ceremony. Until then, you have to push yourself to attend classes, complete assignments on time, look after your appearance and know that college is about to finish. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More Article About 6 Strategies to Get The Best Work From Your Students