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If you have a fish finder that you want to add to your kayak, most tutorials will have you drill through the boat itself to attach. Now, I might be alone in this, but I don't want to do that. There's just no reason to do that or to use glue. Thankfully I came across this video which shows one method of using a fish finder on your kayak that doesn't involve drilling or glue! For this specific set up the Fish Finder was $200, the pelican box was $45, the battery was $20, the arm was another $15. Overall you should be able to spend right about $300 for the set up, in addition to the cost of the fish finder.
@redridergirl Awesome!! I hope it works for you!
I love this idea! I know I haven't wanted to put any holes in my Kayak! Love my Hobie Craft Oasis! This is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!