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Sort of. I came across this article in TIME talking about just why Frozen was able to become the first princess movie to make top 10 grossing animated, and how it was able to become the highest grossing animated movie of all time! The science isn't exactly "scientific" but based on psychology, how that affects that toddlers that loved it first, and how that resonates in all of us! Three reasons kids (especially these toddlers) loved the movie: 1) Like Elsa, pre-schoolers and young children have a hard time controlling their "powerful" emotions, if you will. So, the internal struggle she has resonates with them. 2) They're in awe of the magic and power: most kids love things with a magical aspect, because they have no problem imagining this world. 3) There aren't any witches! For kids, things can be scary. Witches are scary, and in many animated movies, it's too scary for them! The danger in Frozen comes in the form of a singing Prince, so that can be avoided. 4) Sisterly love! Kids respond well to people they know well aka their peer group. Elsa and Anna are the driving bond of this movie, despite Anna's refusal of affection. Kids still root for them over the romantic relationships of the film! So, how does this mean adults love the movie too? Well, when you combine these things, it comes down to the movie ending with Elsa being happy and free (with those she loves), which, I think we can all agree, is a pretty universal desire!
you cant forget that the music is catchy amd toddlers LOVE to sing!! I swear my toddler only watches this for the songs and every time she gets in the car she asks for the "Elsa song" and "Snowman song".
@KaitlynnJanae I assumed the songs were a given part of why everyone loves it, hahah!!! Yeah my cousins can re-enact the whole movie, scene by scene. @sanityscout Ha!! The monster is a bit scary, yeah, but thankfully that's the only bit. I'm not even sure it was really needed, other than to get Anna away...
My toddler really loved it, and he gets pretty scared so our movie options are very limited. There is a scary thing in it, though, as he often points out - the Snow Monster she creates to keep them away from her Ice Castle. He didn't like that haha.