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I am all for new superhero movies and shows. Sure, I'm a little worried that the audiences are getting oversaturated with comic book stories, but I can't really complain since I like them so much. But a man dressed as an ant riding on a giant ant around the city? That I could probably do without. I am totally creeped out by the Marvel superhero Ant-Man, play in an upcoming movie by Paul Rudd - whom I wouldn't have pegged for a new superhero casting. Don't get me wrong, I love Paul Rudd - but it's just an unusual role. The Ant-Man is a thief who is given a second chance by a mentor who appears (played by a bearded Michael Douglas), handing him the opportunity to do good as The Ant-Man. I'm willing to give Rudd's acting the benefit of the doubt - alongside Evangeline Lilly - and I won't be able to resist watching a new Marvel movie. But I just have to say that there's something that really gives me the shivers about a movie filled with ants - giant ones with all those legs and pincers and segmented bodies. I just hope I won't have nightmares afterward! This one is due out just in time for summer blockbuster season on July 17. The trailer is attached!
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I really don't know what to think of this, I like Paul Rudd but this is just... Yeah it's a little bit too weird for me I think