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A well known sculptor, painter, and performance artist, Lucas Samaras began experimenting with photography in the 70s. In his earlier work, which included multi-media assemblages, Samaras often included images of himself. His persistent use of himself as a subject led on critic to remark that "Samaras's almost obsessional self-observation extends past narcissism toward a physical understanding of himself." I'm sure if you've spent enough time taking Polaroid pictures you would have discovered that you could alter the prints in some way. In 1973 Samaras discovered this too. He began manipulating the wet dyes of Polaroid prints, leading him to create what he called "Photo-Transformations." Working out of his modest New York apartment turned studio, Samaras had quite the process. He would take and retake his own image to create a multi-faceted portrait of himself. These self-portraits are distorted, terrifying, and extremely intriguing!
wow this is live a completely new facet for me. ..I have never worked with Polaroids. .I think it's time
Interesting style, I have never seen this done before.
@dillonk Only minor things like heat distortion and bending. Definitely nothing to this extent
Have you ever done any manipulating of instant film before?
@hunahuna I thought you might enjoy these distorted Polaroids!
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