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Psss...Did you know you can achieve a faux bob look with long hair? Before getting a makeup over with a short cut, try and see you like the short hair look with this neat trick. Your friends would totally think you got a haircut. 1. Comb your hair and make sure it's detangled. 2. Use a curling wand to curl the hair. 3. Start at the side of your head with a section 2-3 inches wide and start at the bottom of each section, pinning the remaining hair to the side. 4. Complete curls around the entire head and secure using Kenra 25 volume spray. 5. Back comb the top section at the crown of your head all the way around. 6. Comb through the top to smooth down and reshape the curls. 7. Pull hair into a loose low pony tail and twist hair in pony, tuck under the hair up into the nape of the neck and secure by cross pinning the twisted hair. 8. Carefully separate the hair and shape to disguise the base of the hair to help it have a natural look. If you have layers, you can pull out a few of the shorter ones so there is a natural movement with the hair. 9. Give a final spray, and voila!
So cute! This is a great way to test out a style @maymay75 :)
I used to try this when I had layers just to see what I looked like but mine always fell out. I'll try again with this tutorial!
She looks so good! I thought that she would have already had shorter hair but she really had long hair!
Gonna be trying this before getting a haircut. Thanks for the cool trick!