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After looking at some of the super-stylish elements of Mindy's apartment from The Mindy Project (, I got curious about the awesome loft shared by the roommate cast of New Girl. The site The Lovely Side has a great look at the different stylish aspects of the four-some's apartment, including Jess's eclectic-antique-style bedroom, the vintage illustration art (love that!), the more masculine (or maybe unisex) living room - and even suggestions on how to get the style yourself! You can see the full recommendations and buying guide by following the attached link. As for the loft itself, that's going to be a little harder to manage for most. Bustle did an examination of the real estate angle on that awesome four-bedroom place, and it would probably hurt your bank account at a rate of about $3,000 per month. As they point out - not likely on a teaching salary - unless you share it with a bunch of friends, maybe! You can see the article on the loft type and prices here:
I love the color and decor! Especially that bright blue wall and framed-artwork.
Maybe I will live here for an year, and live as a homeless after...