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This is a live recap for ep15 +EP1 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/49670 +EP2 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50318 +EP3 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/51050 +EP4 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52059 +EP5 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52538 +EP6 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/54875 +EP7 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/55719 +EP8 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/57672 +EP9 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/58207 +EP10 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/59535 +EP11 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/60688 +EP12 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/63258 +EP13 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/63607 +EP14 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/66453 CHARACTERS Song joong ji as Gang ma ru Moon chae won as Seo eun gi Park shi yeon as Han jae hee Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil Lee yu bi as Gang choco Lee sang yeop as Park jun ha JH"i have a suggestion to return her place, EG the managing director, Would you please accept my suggestion?" JH"How is your feeling? you got all the things you want, How is it? MR"It is not my final goal. There are far from here right?" JH"How could you involve my brother in that matter?" MR"i said that to put EG back, I can do everything" JH"But these things only can do by JH, You are not the one do things like that" MR laughs at JH. All people can become a JH or MR. JH"if i abandon all the things, would you please come back to me?" MR"if you want that eagerly, there is no reason that I cannot go" Ann scolds her "Hold yourself" EG cannot believe this situation. 'Why did she do that? What happened?" MR explains you make this result. you persuaded the Nam president. But MR worries about EG, to recall your memories, it depends on your will. MR"Try to remember me as much as possible. recall the memories with me. If you recall the memories with me, all the things return to you..." On the way of MR's home. EG"This way, it is the road to meet you.. this stairs to see you..." Someone "Who are you? JH?" JH"oH Nice to meet you..long time no see JH" Someone"Does he know that you buy this house?" JH"Maybe no.." EG"MR's home,,the home to meet you.. the home I wait for you... When I put the bell, you come out... I can't remember..." MR"let's go..Someone may live here.." EG"Okay" (Maybe JH is there.) Ann captures JH's brother. Ann"Huh how much do you need to catch Gang Ma ru..What's the deal with him?" EG"What did we in here?" MR"Farewell..." EG"Why? Why did we broke up?" MR"Because you noticed who I am" EG"What's that meaning?" MR"Just find yourself.." EG"MR ssi, Why didn't you kiss me? You seem to be ready for escaping..Did we kiss in the days before I lost my memories" MR"We haven't kissed yet... yet.." (He lies ! ) EG"No way.." EG wakes him up. EG"Let's go to the company.. teach me what I will do..How do I just wait for recalling memories? please teach me what I have to know..let's go..please go to the company " She acts charming But she dozes off hehehe.(really cute) He explains what did she in the last deal like she persuades all the people in countryside when she stayed for a month in the countryside. MR"embezzlement? Did EG embezzle the company's money?" JUNHA"Actually JH has some sort of dirty sheme." MR"Okay at first, we try to resolve it" Someone comes up in the JH's conference room. Actually he is ex-boyfriend of EG. His name is kim jeong hoon. He wants to see EG. He divorced the last year. ex boyfriend "What's up?" JH tells to him that she lost her memories at all. She carried with someone who looks strange and less torlerant.Please help us, If you help us, we can give up the take over the building" Ex-boyfriend "Who is your boyfriend ? How did you meet him?" EG"He is nce and kind" Exb"Then what about me?" JHB"CC how are you? you have a boyfriend CC?" CC"yes I have, my boyfriend is JG" JG"What ? Why am I your boyfriend ?" JHB"How far are you with JG?" CC"We kissed !" JG"What ? when did we do that? no way ! Kiss means he and she both have to remeber it" CC"i don't care. If I remeber it, that's enough!" At that time JHB pushes JG HEHEHEHEHEHEHE EG calls to MR. Today mr will be late to work. EG tells that I met someone..I ..no.. Next morning I will tell you" MR meets Kim representative MR "You know the truth, right? to reveal the truth I will go to the bank tomorrow. Who involves this embezzlement?" Suddenly the police car is coming. Maybe this is related to Ann's trick. JG"Hey, the policeman is coming to home. they are searching for you!" Outside the door "Open the restroom door please" JG"Yes just a wait a minute, I have a serious Constipation. please wait" MR"This is not my crime. At first set them at ease. I didn't do any crime." (Oh you see the bullies behind the Kim representative.) That bullies attack Kim representative so he is in coma. But someone puts the guilty on MR.(maybe suspect is ANN) JH sees MR. JH"Why are you here? There are plice covering every direction to catch you. At first you deliever yourself into the police" MR"No thanks. Before that you have to resolve the EG's embezzlement and then go to EG to apoloze. This is you have to do first" Ann calls to JH"Is there MR in your room?" JH"NO, He is not in here" But when she comes out, policemen find men. EG"Does JH report to the police?"(But she didn't do that) JH"you did things that I didn't order?" Ann"Yes, sometimes you can leace the orbit. but I cannot be patient anymore. You forget the goal you have to get." At that time EG appears. EG"You want what? Taeson? Then have it. have things you want. take the Taeson, then set MR free" JH"What? You mean you deal the Taeson with MR? You mean you give up because of just a man?" EG"Yes, MR is much more precious thing than Taeson, so I choose him." EX boyfrined "I heard that she is in embezzlement charges. I want to help her. What should I do?' exb"Do you want some coffee?" In the interrogation room Junha explains the situation that EG forgives Taeson because of you" ex-boyfriend "You are the frist of all the things..first hug.. first kiss.." But she recalls a piece of memories that she confessed her love. "This was my first kiss we did in the JAPAN. That was my first time to confess my love" EXB"If we start the love again, we can get everything" EG'S MEMORY"I've lived like that.. 29year old EG lives even I have all the asset.. I lived like that foolish" EG"Take off you hands. This bitch !" MR"If I insist that the contract that I did is nullity, how do you do?" JUNHA"You said that If these things finished, you will leave EG" MR"But If I changes my mind, then what do you do?" JUNHA"i will do all the things as a lawyer to prevent it" JH"Then MR will release today, right?" The secretary "Yes, I gave amount of moeny to them. The real crimers put themselves into the police." Ann gets angry about that ! Oh EG recalls her memories EG"You are a lier. what? You said that we've not kissed yet? Huh i said many times that that was my first kiss" MR"EG, remember clearly. This is my first kiss" and they kissed >////< dfjaofj ojfa oahfaj oh ofj I envy EG soooooooooooo much so romantic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finish
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