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Daily Dose of Writing
I want to start a collection of very quick writing prompts that just gets you to take a bit of time in your day to write. I want to encourage creative writing and encourage creative thinking. You don't need to post any of your responses, just trying to get through one of these a day is nice enough. :) January 8, 2015 Write a short dialogue between a young detective and a jovial murder suspect.
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A great idea! I have been trying to share some occasional writing prompts (often themed around a certina idea like winter) in some of my collections, but this a great take. Ideally, we should all be writing daily. Writing a jovial murder suspect should be fun today....
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Thank you! From the start, I wanted to create some sort of daily thing to get myself to write a little each day, but actually, your winter themed prompt gave me the inspiration to do it a little like this, if you don't mind.
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I surely dont mind if greg doesnt!! The more prompts, the better!! Looking forward to these :)
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