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"The Flash" will be back to the CW January 20th - and the winter wind will blow in a new face: the Weather Wizard. This villain is another of the "rogues" of the Flash story, and according to Comic Book Resources, the role will be played by Liam McIntyre (who was the star of Spartacus on Starz). Here's the scoop on the Weather Wizard character from CBR: "Created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino in 1959, the Weather Wizard's story revolves around brothers Clyde and Mark Mardon. In the comics, Clyde creates the technology to control the weather that his brother steals after he dies under suspicious circumstances. This new TV version will likely tweak that setup as Clyde Mardon already appeared as a bank robber caught in the explosion in "The Flash's" pilot episode and developed similar weathering powers -- and was killed off that same episode." I'm kind of so-so on weather-controlling characters - although Storm is pretty awesome at times - but I'm kind of curious to see what an updated version of this premise will look like. You can find more details in the linked article!
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I feel like the weather controlling characters were played weakly in the first season, I hope they up their game with the Wizard.