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DIY: Puppet Theater from Cardboard Box
I'm so happy to see so many of you also enjoy DIY tutorials for making fun things for your kids out of regular cardboard boxes! Just a reminder... there is a very cute book called "Not a Box" that can inspire your child's imagination for turning the ordinary into the entertaining! Today I'd like to share something I've been wanting to do for ages. A cardboard box puppet theater! I just got the perfect big box for it from a package that came in the mail, so I'm anxious to make it with my son. Instead of a written How To description, this time I found a great tutorial video on YouTube from About.com that's attached above. Here are the materials you'll need: - A large cardboard box - Box cutter - Marker - Measuring tape - Straight-edge - Scrap cardboard - Packing tape - Tape gun I can't wait to get started. Have a great time embellishing these with you and your child's personal touch, and let me know what puppet shows you put on!
I jus bought my son a bunch of finger puppets for Christmas. This is perfect for setting a scene!
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