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A while ago @alise wrote a card on the bobby pin hairstyles ( Here are more ways to play with bobby pins in different styles. As you scroll through the images you will notice my secret love for gold pins. I can't help but adore them. :) 1. Fishtail braid crowns and embellish with gold pins in triangular form. 2. Messy low bun with parallel styled metallic pins that keeps bangs from falling. 3. Twisted side bun with gold pins in zigzag direction. 4. Braided bun with pink gradient pins within each section. 5. Waved retro hair with pins holding each group. 6. Teased hair with gold pins to hold flyaway bangs. 7. Polished low bun with multiple red pins hold front style. Now that you've seen all of them, which one is your favorite?
illuminati comfirmed
Now I just need to learn how to do a fishtail braid hahaha
@sophiamore Here's a card on fishtail braid. I also included a tutorial. :)
all of these ideas are so prettyy
Lovely ideas. I personally like the red pins. It looks very classy to me.
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