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The basic goal of off-season training is to make changes in your routine now that will yield benefits during the season. So here are five things you can do to maintain or improve your cycling performance in the season. #1. Diet One of the most important steps in achieving top athletic performance is proper nutrition. You should focus on limiting sugars and consuming lean meat, fruits and vegetables. #2. Aerobic cross-training Sometimes it's best to put away the bike and trying a different aerobic exercise. Running, cross-country skiing, or any other aerobic exercise will improve your fitness while simultaneously increasing the enjoyment of exercising by switching it up. You don't want to get bored of the bike, spice things up! #3. Time-off Cycling is sure to leave you with lasting aches and pains. Sometimes we don't notice and we often over train. Taking a few weeks off the bike will give your body time to repair during the off-season. Of course, don't get lazy and spend the entire off-season not doing anything, just relax for a week or two. #4. Weight Loss What's the easiest way to climb quicker, increase VO2, and improve your watts per kilogram output? Losing weight! While this goes hand in hand with dieting, losing weight is so important it's hard to leave off the list. #5. Weightlifting The long forgotten training exercise of cyclists, weightlifting. Research supports that weight training will improve a cyclist's performance. Just don't lift to gain mass, because that's just going to make you heavy!
@TeamWaffles Glad you like it! @AnthonyB I can attest to that, it can be difficult but it gets easier with time. @troygreene84 Well running is the most accessible, but you could also do rowing, inline skating, or even swimming to name a few.
hmm, I'll have to research some alternative aerobic exercises. I can see how cycling all year long could make things a bit boring!
I think one of the most difficult things on here is a proper diet, at least for me anyway!
Great, simple advice. Thanks for the tips!
Great, simple advice. Thanks for the tips!