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This poor cameraman, I feel like the ones that skate don't get enough credit. They may not being doing much sliding, but they have to keep up with the others and try to not eat shit while filming. This cameraman doesn't judge the corner right, ends up going into the guardrail at speed. He ends up with a torn bicep, stitches in the elbow and upper arm, and a bit of road rash.
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@DanielSpazJames that's just a gopro mount I'd agree if it would be like those guys using a handle mount for a camera though
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@ApolloSkating what about stick cams?
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@KTM2014 those count too pretty much I mean I give props if they don't have both hands free
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Yeah I've messed up my gopro stick trying to do toe slides a time or two. It is a little bit more about floating and knowing exactly what you're doing. It's hard for me to toe pre drift with out grabbing rail because I tend to high side. just got to work on form and technique
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