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in the end.. there's this press conference where jaehee is going to declare eun soo as the heir of taesan and throw eungi out.. eungi dramatically throws the door open and enters.. with Maru behind her..and with all the proofs,eungi outs jaehee.. jaehee and evil lawyer are arrested.. and sentenced to prison for many many years..eun soo is put in eungi's custody.. coco and jae gil marry.. as for maru ..he has vanished from the press conference..and nobody knows about his whereabouts.. months pass... Eungi is walking alone on the beach..thinking of maru.. suddenly someone comes from the other end..she watches closely and its maru.. she runs towards him and he vanishes.. she realizes that its just her fantasy she becomes sad.. suddenly someone holds her hand and its maru she doesnt believe it eungi : "are you real or in my dream?" maru: "i'm here" eungi:"no..i'm dreaming" maru:"how should i make you believe me?" and he kisses her maru:"do you believe me now?" eungi:"ummm" she kisses him back.. eungi:"now i do" and they continue kissing as camera zooms out!! the end.. do you like it?? @shermalyn unni hows the start?
emmaloucardano thanks!
wow ...................i love your show
thanks guys... i dont want them to die either
thats great !!!!But this year dramas all are so sad(((I don't want him die((((
love your version! i would really want if that will be the ending!
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