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So, here comes the story.. Yesterday, (as a BIG fan of museums) I went to this place called The War Memorial of Korea.. What I didn't know was that Korea Fashion Week was actually held over there as well.. As expected, plenty of cute-tall-good looking models were around.. I wasn't that interested since I know almost nothing about Korean models until... Until I saw girls screaming and following around this 1 very tall-pale skinned-extremely gorgeous looking model.. And yet I felt like I've seen him somewhere, somehow~~ So I went back home, still feeling curious about him, and ended up googling him for a couple hours.. Yup, I totally fell for him <3<3 His eyes and nose literally strucked me lol.. Anyway, his name is: AHN JAE HYUN.. And the reason why I felt familiar with his face was because he appeared on K.Will's latest MV~~ Apparently, he's one of South Korea's rising male model with plenty awards in his hands alr.. Born in 1987, with height 186cm, I'm sure he'll have a great & bright future ahead.. Please please please let him appear in more drama or variety shows pleasee..~~ *crossing my fingers*
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haha... not really..i'm an average student.... what work do you do?
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awwww don't say that.. i believe u must've been a smarty :) hahhaha.. i graduated with an actuarial science degree.. but since i'm currently studying korean language here, i'm just doing some part time jobs for the time being.. hahah..
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yah.please.I wanna see him on a drama where he's the main cast.
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he looks fab on the 10th pic. #drools
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@syalalalala wow.. it's been a year.. and i didnt reply. how?? how have you been?
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