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I've recently managed to get my ukulele to my new apartment, which means I've been able to fiddle around with it a bit more, try to remember everything I used to be able to play, and to learn something new! In my search for an (easy) new song to play, I came across this peculiarity I had never known before: how is it that the ukulele, who's name in Hawaii's native language means jumping flea, came to have that name when it did not originate in Hawaii? Thankfully, as always, the internet has the answer! The term was originally the nickname of a court member, and when a 4 stringed instrument came to the country from Portugal, it was adapted and named the ukulele!
Woah this is so cool! I had no idea.
@TechAtHeart I didnt, either!! Funny how words and items make their way around the world :)