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Mile Long Legs

I love the way a high waisted and flared trouser gives the illusion of long legs. Rock the bow, if you dare
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04 Best Sewing Machines for Kids
Many kids are very excited about creating special gifts to their best friends or family. They also like to make one-of-a-kind outfits for their loved pets, dolls, and toys. But before making your choice, it is vital to keep in mind that children have their own special needs. Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 – Ideal Machine for Children Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 delivers both sewing and embroidering Currently, it is seen as a machine which is stuffed with features yet easy to use. The electronic Ever Sewn Sparrow 30 delivers both sewing and embroidering. You can choose from 310 built-in stitches in total, including 2 full alphabets for lettering and monogramming, 32 utility and 84 decorative stitches. Janome 15312 Hello Kitty – The Most Cute Sewing Machine Hello Kitty is a very famous brand loved by children. But don’t let this cute design fool you—the machine has a heavy-duty interior metal frame and a bunch of features. For instance, it offers four presser feet to properly feed the fabric, a 3-piece dog system, a removable free arm, a buttonhole, and 15 built-in stitches. Brother XM2701 – Best for Skilled Kids The Brother XM2701 offers a wide variety of built-in stitches and stitch functions. For more accomplished sewers, the machine will be a helping tool for creating personal designs and sewing projects. But for beginners, especially for young ones, some of the features may be unnecessary. Read more:
U know About MARIA.B. Pakistani Suits brand MARIA.B ..?
U know About MARIA.B. Pakistani Suits brand MARIA.B ..? Pakistani Suits brand Maria.B is a multinational salwar kameez brand Maria.B is owned and managed by WSB Ready Made Garments LLC. A fashion magazine labeled Maria.B as the ‘Coco Chanel’ of Pakistan - indeed the innovation and transformation triggered by MARIA.B’s entry into the fashion industry justify the comparison. With a design philosophy rooted in constant change, improvement, and originality, the designer has already become a force to be reckoned with. One of the brightest fashion stars of the industry, she remains committed to bringing the very best to her customers without fail. She says, “I have been given tremendous love by everybody but my vision goes far beyond that. I regard myself as an entrepreneur as someone who’s artistic ability can be portrayed in everything that I do. Fashion is a medium that can speak volumes, bridge the gap between cultures, allows human expression as nothing else can. I am lucky enough to be in love with my work, and I intend to use that privilege to the fullest”. The designer admits that amongst all of her muses, her family remains the most important. When Pakistani Suits Maria B graduated from the prestigious Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD) in 1998, she had a clear idea of what she wanted from her brand. She wanted to challenge the status quo and bring energy and vitality to the almost non-existent designer retail market. And that is exactly what she did. If U want to buy Maria.B Orignal Branded Collection In India or Worldwide The Best Online Store Is ’s sole focus was to provide ready to wear fashion that reflected an elegant fusion of east and west. Today MARIA.B. is Pakistan’s most diverse designer fashion brand with prêt a porter, couture, formal wear, lawn, embroidered fabrics, linen, and cotton all within one affordable label while boasting an extensive retail network with 25 outlets comprising of both standalone outlets and mall outlets in 12 different cities across the country, while also exporting to international destinations including India, UK, USA, Bangladesh, UAE, and Qatar. If U want to buy Maria.B Orignal Branded Collection In India or Worldwide The Best Online Store Is