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Random borealis
breathes an
unanswerable touch;
love's never failing hand
softer than
lips kissing the north wind,
in daffodils.
stars cry out,
crashing from northern skies
into deep ends of
oceans and
giving memory
passing through time
and the regretful realm
of all that is broken;
untangling fractured seconds,
orchestrating them
into love's 2nd movement....
un-alone echoes of silence.
Misery's dream account....
All of now's tomorrows are loved.
Finality's dance unfading,
and consorting to endure
across oceans
of time.
@timeturnerjones I think our friend @DJamesBreaux does us a bigger service than he realizes. Let it be known that you have thoroughly accomplished your goal of "My promise to you as a writer; treat your imagination to places your emotions have not yet been." I have been there, back, and there again in the times that I have read your works!
....well gosh darnit I'm lucky to be graced with your recognition, you're graciousness is way more than I deserve....but I forgot the most important thing of all, and that is to say thank you, a million times thank you ~ for giving your attention to my work and taking an interest even to the point of digging deep and coming up with such cool views and angles, and for your support. When you call your questions 'wierd and curious'....I hear 'fascinating and beneficial' and fun. You know truthfully ~ and this is another thing I so clumsily left out ~ there are times when Author Notes are completely necessary, when the imagery is allowed to run wild enough till it ends up in another solar system. Like in the case of Uncontent The Tide, the Author Notes are actually longer than the poem itself, which is already really really long, and the notes take on a life of their own, adding dimension to the text. And come to think of it, you've inspired me to add an Uncontent card in addition to the video card, and rename the video card a 'Remix'....the same idea was used for Chaos Theory. But you the end, I can never be self-serving enough or be prideful enough to make the work all about my doing or creating....because, being truthful to my original intent is what really is paramount...and it always has to remain centeral to the that is...."My promise to you as a writer; treat your imagination to places your emotions have not yet been." My job ~ as I see it ~ is to write for you, not me. It's easy to take appreciation out of context and begin to feel important when folks dig your stuff. You honor me with 3 things....your kindness, your words, and your time. I don't see pride anywhere in there. Humbleness is an essential aspect of the relationship I have with my readers. Without you reading my work, there's no reason to write it. You make it a true joy, thanks @timeturnerjones.
Haha cool, if I can make it so abstract, weird, messed up, confused and or complicated that it makes you go what the hell and still keep reading...then ~ and only then ~ have I written the piece I want to write. I can't stand creating normal looking or correct sounding stanza's, words or constructs. If I feel like it doesn't in some way leave you scratching your head or wondering what's going on, or If it resembles anything even close to familiar, I always have to rewrite or rearrange it.
@DJamesBreaux Keep rocking. Seriously.
The trek down fascination street is so much more fascinating with you on board @hikaymm =D
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