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Thanks @alohajpark for starting this fun event. I don't bake so I'll share my favorite bread. I discover this little gem when my daughter took me out on a coffee run. Pangea Bakery Cafe is located at 4689 Convoy St. #100, San Diego, CA 92111. I was surprised by how many selections of cute bread they carry. The impressing fact is it's freshly handmade each morning. One of my favorite bread is the taro bun. The feature resembles an onion and except the texture of the layer are much softer and more delicate. The amazing thing about this bun is the core. It's filled with hand-crushed taro paste that has the perfect note of sweet. If you're ever in town, this is the Asian bakery to hit up. It's definitely different from the standard American bakery (with all the cute pastries).
I had my first taro bread this Christmas because a friend of mine came back from Taiwan, it was a really interesting texture but tasted great!
What a fun color! I will keep my eye out for this in my local asian bakery!
This doesn't look like any pastry I've ever had before!
@sophiamor It does have an interesting texture, but I love the fluffy and light feeling when it melts in my mouth.
It does resemble an onion! Except it looks prettier! I would like to try this when I visit San Diego. :)