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This awesome accessory is a very cool way to "spice up" a simple outfit, such as jeans and a plain top. It is very quick to make and very useful to have. You will need: -assorted glass gems -scissors -a piece of suede or felt -pencil -fabric glue -a piece of ribbon (same color as the felt/suede) First of all, look for a template you like and then download and print it. then trace the outline on your fabric and cut it in the same shape. Then, arrange the gems on the fabric starting at the center and continue spreading them to the sides. When you are sure where the gems will go, coat the back of gems and start gluing to the fabric. Let dry. Cut the ribbon into two equal length pieces according to how long you want your necklace. Then just glue each one at both ends of your fabric and Voila! Simple, fast and cool.