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Guess who broke their foot last night? ding ding ding! So I was going around a corner and didn't slide nearly as early as I should of, and iced out into the curb feet first. I drove myself home and then my mom said that is should go to the hospital. I said it's not am emergency though. She convinced me other, and I drove myself to the hospital, walked all the way up to the hospital from my car(which felt like a mile btw), and then I got to sit in a wheelchair for the first time. X-rays show that I broke three metatarsals in my right foot. The doc said that I sprained my left ankle, but it feels worse than a sprained ankle. Anyways... Wear a helmet, skate safe, and think twice.
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Wishing you a quick recovery dude!
Thanks @filirican you da boss!
dude sucks man i cant believe you drive yourself that is pretty badass + always listen to mommy they do Know best
For sure @jensbroddin I didn't want to go because it wasn't an emergency. But she convinced me otherwise. shit hurts so bad man!
mommy knew I was in pain too lol