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Lighter! We make food easy!
Hi! Lighter is the easy button for going vegan. We give people custom meal plans and deliver vegan groceries every week. We’re super affordable (b/c we want to inspire as many vegans as possible!!) Each meal is between $4 - $5.80. Lighter is also perfect for seasoned vegans who are looking to save time and money! We are partnering with all of the major veg groups in the country (Vegan Outreach, COK, Farm Sanctuary, MFA, etc.) to help people go vegan and stay vegan. If you’d also like to spread the word these samples might be helpful! Facebook: Lighter is the easy button for going vegan! They create custom meal plans and deliver vegan groceries every week! Share with friends!! http://bit.ly/17jdJd9 Twitter: Know someone who could use an easy button to go vegan? Share @Lighterculture with your friends! http://bit.ly/17jdJd9 Email: Hello Everyone! If you have friends or family who could use some help going vegan and staying vegan check out Lighter! They are they easy button for going veg! They also help seasoned vegans save time and money! http://bit.ly/17jdJd9 For the animals!
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I'd love to see some of the meals that you offer! Will you be posting any recipes or cooking tips?
Sounds like a really interesting service! Like @GetFitwithAmy, I'd love to see some recipes, especially some tips on what meat replacement tastes best :)
@peppermintt @getfitwithamy Check out the website and sign up for updates! lighterculture.com