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Skating is mental
Do y'all have any pre-skate rituals? Stretching, meditating or anything? Some days I just feel on my game and I'm sticking stuff first try, but sometimes I'm pumped to skate but I feel out of my element. Like hesitant, scared of speed and landing tricks a foot off kinda in purpose so I don't slip out. I feel that the guys that film gnar on the daily don't often have these days because they either know their body better or are just great athletes or what? I wanna be on my game daily! HALP
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or seeing an old lady's face as you're railing a corner with your bro's HAHA! classic
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I just need to scream kowabunga at the top of my lungs and summon my inner turtle, and my body will limber right up!
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@ericdavis what do you mean?
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honestly before i hit a new hill i really look at it. like i walk from the bottom to the top no matter what. checking for rocks or sandy/loose material areas and i also watch for consistency. then i will seriously pray for safety. i know my limits as a longboarder and i pray for an open road and no interuptions such as a bearing exploding, or a car or even a small animal.
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@jensbroddin Belgium seems a great place to skate
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