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Nala is only an 8 month old pitbull mix. We found her December of 2014. She was pretty beat up. A visit to the vet said it all. She had been shot by a bb-gun under her arm which caused the remaining little blood clot. She had to of been laying down and someone purposely hurt her. She had several scars running all through her body. Signs of physical abuse. You couldn't raise a hand because she'd crouch and whimper. Never have I heard the poor baby bark, all she ever did was lay down at your feet and nudge your hand so you could pet her. Thanks to the Modesto Paws Rescue Nala went to a great foster home with other dogs, children, and amazing foster parents. She has opened up greatly to them and appreciates every second of her new life. She is still learning to trust new people, but at the rate she's moving she'll be there in no time! Her foster family has decided not to let her go ... Nala will be officially adopted into the Parks family after her spay. Welcome home Nala Park. (First 3 pictures are from before, the rest are with her new family!)
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Bless you Parks family, Nala is a beauty