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Hello everyone! ヾ(^_^) Hope you all are having a good day! it's a rainy day here where I live(Arizona), but the rain is always welcome in the desert! I also tried a recipe for those lil cute bear and kitty buns!(=^・^=) I wish I knew how to link the card! (¯3¯)sorry! OK let's go! (¯(エ)¯)v ♥The Pandas (doco cutter kit) 1.) is Chocolate spread and Peanut butter! 2.) is Maple syrup and Peanut butter. ♥Hard boiled eggs (egg molder & food coloring) next to it is Strawberries (they are on sale!) ♥Salad: 1cup of Spinach and 1-2 TBS of Cilantro. Next , I squeezed lemon and tossed. Then, I placed the cucumbers (cookie cutter) sprinkled chilli powder and slat! I hope you have or had a yummy lunch! and you for checking out my card! ★Gigi★
As usual, amazing work! You should definitely add this to the food community so more people can see this amazing work of yours!
its amazing
@alise totally agree with you. Gigi's bento always look delicious and cute.
that is so cute
thank you