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Winter's Rose - a beautiful poem

Winter’s Rose by The Wynn Brothers Copyright © 2014 Pretend Pictures Inc. ————1———— Spring saw her birth Summer saw her grow Autumn robbed the Earth And covered her in snow The trees have lost their leaves As torrid winds have blown Taken by Fallen thieves As fleeing birds have flown She's left with the unknown To forage, to find, and to earn This Winter she's alone Many lessons she will learn The past is left behind Washed clean by the sweeping snow New treasures she'll find  New life she'll soon know Be it good, be it bad She'll face it all on her own Be it happy, be it sad She'll reap what she has sown Though she appears lost She is now free Her childhood was the cost But a woman she’ll soon be I know I'll see her when the snow disappears I know I'll see her when the birds return This is the prayer flowing through my tears This is the destiny for which I yearn  —————2———— An angel not yet with wings A hunter awaiting her first kill She's the song nature sings The fate of man at her will When she learns to play her part Then she'll dazzle and shine She'll win the world's heart Just as she has mine She will need patience She will need a strong will She will need a sixth sense To survive Winter's long chill Winter had only one rule She'd need to master it to survive Wisdom without focus is a fool Only purpose keeps you alive —————3————— She's not what she seems She's not what they say She haunts my dreams She poisons my day She has struck down many men They have been powerful and Great She can turn blessing to sin She can decide your fate She's the Winter's Rose But not a rose at all She's more than anyone knows She can make the greatest fall Alexander knows her name He conquered the world and wept Then she extinguished his flame And forevermore he slept Her beauty they easily see That's their first mistake She's more than they want her to be  A closer look they should take She is God’s greatest gift As are they all Civilization is hers to lift Without her it will fall www.WynnBrothers.com If you enjoyed this story, please like, share, and comment. Photo by www.CreativePosePhotography.com
This is really nice! I like the sectioning of the piece. It allows for space where we don't know whats happening, and so we are surprised but not in disbelief about the roses change.
To beautiful for heavy handed words.
@hikaymm We wanted to highlight the three distinct sections. We're glad it worked for you. :-)
@WordDoctor Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The third section does present a bit of a hunted-turned-hunter feel.
This is very beautiful, indeed! It takes such a hard and almost vicious turn in the third section, I feel like - but in a way that I really enjoyed.
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9 Things You Should Work On To Become Successful In Your 20’s
Let’s face it… When we are young all that we would think about was growing up and living a perfect life that we had created in our minds. But suddenly it hits the 20-year-mark and that is where it all starts to change. “SUCCESS” is such a term which can help to live a nearly perfect life which has been created in our minds. Being successful always does not mean to achieve wealth, respect and fame. Success should be defined as happiness derived from good relationships and achieving personal goals. There are several ways by following which one can surely become a successful person in his 20’s. Spend time with family A family always has a lot of success and failure stories hidden in it which we can surely take inspiration from. Family members give you suggestions on everything without thinking about their own benefits. Before doing something new have a discussion with your family members, you will have several opinions which will surely clear out your mind. Get rid of unwanted things There are many things which we do not require but have with us, the same is the case with friends. To start something new first get rid of all those things and people that distract you from your path. Only be with those who motivate you not with those who pull you back. Gaining knowledge As we all know that knowledge never goes in vain. Knowledge can be of anything. You can gain knowledge by reading books, watching informative videos or by talking to some elderly people or even to a child. The knowledge that you gain today can surely be used later to achieve something big in your life. Engaging in social activities Social activities help to bond with society. The person gets a brief knowledge of what the society wants and how he/she can provide help to the society with their services. All business ideas don’t become successful without the involvement of society. You can surely take the help of a life coach in India like Amaresh Jha to learn about the importance of social activities. Pushing out our comfort zone The most important part is to go beyond our comfort zone. The person should enhance his/her knowledge skills by training themselves with many different types of educational qualifications. Attending motivational speaking seminars can also help to serve this purpose. Amaresh Jha is a motivational speaker in India whose seminars are well known and attended by students to get some amazing tips from him. Being active Active does not mean to be on the social media platforms but to be updated with the outside world. The world and work do not stop for anyone, it moves on. Time does not wait for anyone. To cope up with the world we must be well sure that we are well connected with the current affairs and happenings in and around us. Practice your targeted goals “Practice makes a man perfect”. Hence the realistic and concrete goals which are set by us should be practiced on a regular basis. We should always keep in mind that our aim should be high but start from low and keep going. Read More- 7 Rules to Become a Straight Human Being Learn to accept failures Failures are the best teacher in our entire life. The most successful person in life has failed the most. Failure brings with it important firsthand knowledge. It helps to build character and instills courage within us. Time and Tide Wait For None We should take out the precious time we have in our twenties and utilize it in making our tomorrow a better place to live in. The amazing motivational speaker in India “Amaresh Jha” has defined success so wonderfully that it has paved the way for many pre-adults and helped them in understanding the importance of time. So, one should always be active in the 20’s so that he/she can rest throughout life and live peacefully and happily. Source- https://amareshjha.com/become-successful-in-your-20s/
Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Pie by The Wynn Brothers Copyright © 2014 Pretend Pictures Inc. When Charlie awoke and stumbled through the hall, the windows were still dark as night, but he could sense the morning sun about to break through. Arriving in the kitchen, he saw his wife, Emily, digging through the cabinet. “What time is it?” he asked. “Oh, good morning,” she said, twisting to look at the clock on the wall. “It’s five fifteen.” “What happened with the meeting?” Emily should have been an hour down the road by now, halfway to an annual meeting with one of her biggest clients. Instead, she was leaning against the kitchen counter in her pajamas, holding a jar of blueberries. “I didn’t want to go,” she said. Charlie recognized that look on her face. She had something very important to say. “What’s going on?” he asked. “Nothing. I just wanted to stay home with you.” “Well, I’m flattered,” Charlie said, dryly, “but what about Henshaw?” “Don’t worry about them,” she said, seeming to have no time for anything outside of the immediate moment. “I want to make a pie.” “A pie?” “Yeah, like we used to.” “Should I be worried?” he said, as he watched her collecting ingredients. She didn’t answer. “Are you pregnant?” “No, I just want us to talk, and spend some time together.” “Is Gerald okay with you canceling the meeting?” “Don’t worry about the meeting.” “Okay.” He knew whatever she had to say was important, and he couldn’t drag it out of her any faster by continuing to ask. So, he pulled up the sleeves of his pajamas and grabbed a mixing bowl from the cabinet. Looking over the ingredients laid out on the counter did bring back fond memories. Step by step, they followed the recipe, with her stealing a kiss here and there, bumping her hip into him, and wrapping her arms around him as he mixed the batter. All of this had his mind racing. Was she about to announce that she had gotten a big promotion? In the warmth of the heat rising from the oven as Charlie removed the pie, their lips met for a final kiss. The first glimpses of daylight were peering through the windows now, and he was feeling a subtle tug to get ready for work and to get their daughter Caitlyn ready for school. “It’s time to buy the boat,” Emily said. Charlie was relieved. “That’s what this was all about?” It had been his dream to buy his own boat and give tours of the nearby islands. He could see that she was actually serious. “Well . . . that would be great,” he said, “but we don’t have the money for it . . . or the time.” “Sure you do,” she said. “If you quit your job and jump into it full speed, you could have it up and running in a few months.” “Whoa, whoa, whoa . . . quitting my job? Where’s this coming from?” “It’s time for you to be happy.” “I’m happy,” he said, looking her in the eye and trying to sound convincing. She looked him right back. “You’re not happy at work,” she said. “Who’s happy at work?” he replied. She shook her head at this lame excuse. “You’re not going to go in to work today, anyway. So, I want you and Cait to sit down, enjoy this pie, and think about it.” “I’m not going in to work, today?” “You deserve to be happy,” she said. “That’s all that’s important to me, now.” “I don’t know,” he said. “That’s a big decision, and we—” “I’ll be out there on the water,” Emily said, “waiting for both of you.” Just then, the doorbell sounded. Charlie woke to find himself in bed. He heard the doorbell again and made his way through the house to answer it. Standing on the front step was an officer with the worst news imaginable. He informed Charlie that his wife had been in a car accident on her way to the meeting. She was killed instantly. After twenty minutes of the officer consoling him, Charlie staggered back into the kitchen, where Caitlyn stood, fresh from bed—hair a mess, pajamas wrinkled, the picture of innocence. He scooped her up and held her for a silent moment. “You’re not going to school, today,” he whispered, as a tear rolled down his cheek. “Mommy wants us to make a pie.” www.WynnBrothers.com If you enjoyed this story, please like, share, and comment.