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This week, while my sister was doing a little Berkeley-area shopping during her trip up to the Bay Area, she came across Hurraw!, a line of lip balms that are organic, vegan, fair trade, and - as the name alludes - 100% raw! She's a huge fan of both the rosy tint it gives your lips and the wide assortment of flavors, from grapefruit to green tea, root beer to cinnamon - even chai spice! But the company doesn't only make balms that will tint your lips. They make night treatment balms that both soothes your dry lips and uses the calming scents of vanilla and Peruvian balsam to help lull the wearer to sleep. Their sun protection balm comes with SPF15 and an assortment of cold-pressed essential oils intended to heal chapped and sun-damaged skin. Perhaps my favorite, however, is the special line of lip balms that were created by a practitioner of Indian traditional medicine that compliments your dosha - or personality based on the elements. (I can't help it. I love that stuff.) Anyway, if you're interested in picking up some Hurraw! for yourself or the vegan beauty obsessor in your life, you can purchase some on their official website. You can even stop by a number of vegan groceries, restaurants, or any American Apparel location for a special selection of their balms. Check out their official website, linked to this card, for more information!
@sophiamor I was thinking the same thing. I love chai spiced things!
I really love cinnamon lip balm :) I'm going to try to find this! The chai sounds delicious!