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well my best friend Zach is in the hospital... and its not looking good. He has a blood infection and pneumonia, and a infection in his ankle... he was transferred to a better hospital far away from where we live. He is my only friend that longboards. hes gotta sick board.. (the santa cruz) hes literally my best friend, we went to homecoming together and i hate seeing him like this. We dont know if hes going to make it but hes a badass so he will! Just could ya guys keep him in your thoughts? you guys are the best longboarding family! (:
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prayers for him. he'll get through this
any news yet? I'm hoping everything is good been thinking about you and your friend!
baby steps but things are looking a little brighter! (: @drlizardo
hey baby steps are still steps and a little brighter beats the dark any day! Good to hear, girl! :-D
Ey checking in has he gotten better?