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I want to learn this
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@steezus yeah I've been working on few simpler tricks. I almost got the ghostride kickflip down. It's just making the jump back on more fluid. The tiger claw I got down I think. I do it weirdly. I'm a reg rider but I'm left handed so I grab it with my left hand to spin. I got the top hat down that one is simple. And another one idr the name to I got down.
I've never heard of the top hat, would you mind giving me a description @RichardSchafer ? And what do you do with the unnamed trick?
@steezus you pop it up like a tiger claw and grab the nose and just turn it around and jump on and the other you grab it by the nose like that but you spin it around by the nose and jump back on.
@RichardSchafer that sounds like a finger flip. Or at least thats what your doing. maybe they. all it a top hat? idk
@CooperBridentha you like spin the nose in your palm. It's really close to a finger flip but it's not.