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1. Divide hair into two sections and dampen from the tops of your ears to your tips 2. Twist each section until they begin to bunch up (don't twist too hard - you'll break your hair!) 3. Take each section over your head and bobby pin the tips to the area behind your opposite ear 4. Leave for more than an hour (the longer the better!)
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@abbylopez haha for sure, otherwise it wouldn't come out as nice. :)
3 years ago·Reply
I have somewhat curly hair.. will this help for it to not come out frizzy?
3 years ago·Reply
@jensita If you already have curly hair you can maintain the bouncy and curls with a curl enhancer to help control the frizz! Also hair mask works wonder. However, this hairstyle still works for slightly curly hair. Just make sure use a primer before twisting your hair because it'll be more to frizz after you take it off. :)
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can I do this overnight?
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