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I saw this and could not believe how easy it was to do and how perfect it looked! Just brilliant. "Place mat's measures are approximately in. 19,69 x in.11,81. Cut out with pinking shears (or, if you don’t own them, sewing with zig zag all the perimeter) two rectangles (with a rounded bottom) that have the following measures: L. in.2,36 x H. in.7,09 and start sewing them to the place mat after having left approximately in.3,94 from the border (once you fold it, it will be the flap of your bag). I used a three-ply mouliné cotton thread (really strong) and straight stitch. Then I glued my belt in the middle of the bag. The clutch was ready in a few minutes! I think it’s capable, great to add an ethnic or casual touch to any outfit and useful in most occasions…" Source:
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This is perfect!!!