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Chelsea's Jose Mourinho has been charged by the FA for his comments after Chelsea's 1-1 draw with Southampton stating the referees, media, and other teams had "a campaign against Chelsea" going. The FA decided not to fine or ban the Portuguese manager, instead handing him a formal warning. Mourinho's temper is becoming well know and his frustrations at refereeing is known to be all-too-common. Just another page in the long saga of Mourinho in the Premier League.
@CitySarajevo I don't fancy him either after his "19th century" football comments about West Ham last season. He's not particularly great at handling losing to be honest.
Mourinho has never been one to mince words. The idea that he would ever change is folly. There are many who have argued to me that he would change after he "grew," but there is nothing that says that. And I, for one, am so pleased that he does. He adds flair, and honesty behind his words that, more often than not, are to say the very things some of his players wanted to say.
I don't like him. He's a lot of talk. Maybe that's why he's a good manager?
@sbass I do have to admit that he has always been very entertaining in his post-match interviews. You're spot on I think he always says what's on his mind. My dad always loves him for saying things like he will not talk about referees for bringing the game into disrepute, before preceding to talk about the referees. He's a character. Very glad to have him in the Premier League.