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Beautiful Topspeed 36

Bought my first real downhill board recently: Landyachtz Topspeed 36, and I put in ceramic bearings. Thinking about buying some Vicious griptape because what it has now isn't the best. It came with 80a mini monster hawgs (thoughts on this, should I get new wheels?). Cant wait for it to get warmer. Im predicting to reach speeds of 30-40mph but maybe more. What do you guys think? What should I change?
Lol some people swear by zealous. They are just another company, and if i had the choice id get the landy ceramics, good choice
@10murphyj Don't forget you can flip the hanger on bear's to make them more stable for downhill
They're actually really stable and have almost no slop
An the trucks are bear, they're all white I think they're called polar bears or something like that
I got landyachtz ceramics they were 85 I bought them because I live in Maine and it's usually very damp/wet here and I've already rusted another set of bearings because of it
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