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I took 35mm motion picture footage originally shot for commercial use (as an in-store demonstration of clarity and color for the Sony Bravia LCD TV system). The original footage was married with a remake of "Heartbeats" - performed with a solo guitar and sung in a folk-music style. I took three different film sequences, all three thematically the same - and spliced, edited them, etc... to create a new - cohesive music video for the Live Performance version of "Heartbeats". At the end of the video, I placed some EPK footage from the actual San Francisco location shoot where 250,000 super bouncy balls were set loose on the steep streets around Nob Hill. The only computer-generated special effects in this video are the shots of the Great Pyramids at the end. The version of the song used in the soundtrack during the EPK footage is a song by Mexican Hip Hop artist Nina Dioz - she sampled "Heartbeats" for her song, "Chicos Tenis y Cachucha" I know Nina and members of her band - I really like her song.