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We all love love getting pamper with hair treatments, but what's the point if our daily habits contribute to hair damage? Want healthy and glossy hair? Read on to find out what decrease the life of healthy strands. 1. Not blowing your hair with a nozzle or diffuser on.You might think it's faster to dry your hair without those, but did you know the dryer can get too close and burn your hair very quickly? if you want a faster drying session, be sure to clean out the filter in the back of your dyer regular. Too much debris can weaken the air flow and prolong the dry time! 2. Air drying your hair is a good habit, but wet hair also mean fragile and frizz-prone strands. If you want smooth hair be sure to use a tooth comb after drying your hair with a t-shirt or paper towel. If you are dying to go out the door lightly put on a small amount of coconut oil to lock in hair moisture. 3. One major mistake many woman have is using alcohol based products to prep hair before using the hot tool. If you apply heat over a layer of hairspray, it dries out the hair even more and can create static and cause curls to drop. Now you know where your split ends are coming from. Stick with alcohol-free prepping products to avoid damaging your strands! 4. Do you put your hair up all the time? Wearing your hair up every day strains the hair room and can cause hair loss. Let it down from time to time to let your scalp get some circulation. 5. Braiding your hair tightly when hair is wet. You can definitely create effortless and wavy texture with this method, but do this on damp (almost dried hair) to prevent damaging your hair. 6. Highlights should be used to camouflage gray hair or to completely change your hair color. It should be used to accent your color, give movement, and add dimension. If you want to change your hair color use an ammonia-free product! 7. Sleeping on regular pillowcases. A satin or ilk pillowcase is much gentler on hair. Cotton pillowcases can cause friction and lead to damage and frizz. If you don't like silk or satin pillow, you can wrap your hair in silk or satin scarf before sleeping. 8. Do you use an All-in-One shampoo? Do you skip the conditioner? Some people skip this steps because it weighs down their hair. However, conditioner is similar to a moisturizer and maintains healthy hair. Try concentrating on the ends and use a lighter formula to avoid flat hair. 9. Over applying hair products. You'll only end up with greasy and heavy hair if you slab on too much styling paste or pomade. Instead, use a small amount. You can always add more if you need extra hold.
I'm #4. Now that it's winter, I don't put my hair up too often, but during summer maybe 3 times a week I have it up.
I never thought about changing my pillow case, even though now that I think about it that is what touches my hair the most!