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When camping or backpacking, nobody wants to carry a lot of food beyond the necessary. So, why bring a huge bottle of salt or pepper? Still, just using plastic bags isn't really convenient either. This instructable teaches how to use a tube (such as one mini m&m's come in) to carry straws cut and sealed to hold various spices! You only need a few supplies: - a tube (or Altoid container, or some other container they'll fit into well) - straws (choose various sizes if you want, and make sure to choose sturdy straws) - tape - colored tape for labeling Then, follow the instructions in the instructable! She tells you how to create lids for the tubes out of the straws as well, but if you're packaging a specific amount of spice for a specific recipe, you can use a lighter to seal the end. To fill the tubes, I use a small mouth funnel (I got it at a craft store). Good luck and happy cooking!
Damn I've been just packing them.....I won't even try to explain but this is 1000x easier!!! Time to give it a go.
This is really clever! even just for like packing a lunch or something, too! You can bring something along you might not have realized you could pack so easliy.
@yakwithalan Yeah! a real snap to make, too.
@treedweller Did it work for you? I really felt like a dummy for not trying this sooner when I first saw it
@happyrock Have you tried this before/