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Get Hair Like Mine(Splat Edition)
1) pick 3 colors you like. 2) make sure your hair is blonde or close enough for vibrant color[if not buy the splat bleach] 3) rub petroleum jelly on forehead, neck, and ears 4) split hair into sections that you want to dye [start from the top] 5) after puting on the 1st dye pin the top piece to the top of your head 6) dye 2nd layer and pin it to the center of the head or roll it up in foil 7) then dye bottom layer after this lay each down but put foil between each 8)leave in for 60 mins then wash out and blow dry so hair doesnt bleed you need: old towel petroleum jelly hair clips or pins foil ♡REMEMBER DYE WILL BLEED IF NOT DRY BEFORE YOU SLEEP OR BLEED IF NOT SEPARATED WHILE DYING♡
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