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So if this is true, I have mixed emotions about this. Like I want it to happen and show off what I like, and maybe people would appreciate it more, but then again it could be a total dissing thing bye king fun of it or something. I read the article and got a good vibe from it....but still...
@AndreaHamilton YES!!! But if it is like a dissing K-pop sort of thing I think lots of K-pop fans will give Nickelodeon and this Nick Cannon guy a very hard time! (Yeah that's including me)! Don't mess with K-pop!! Most of all don't mess with K-pop fans! :)
does anyone know when this is coming out?
"The project is described as a half-hour musical comedy about the drama of high school, set at a diplomatic boarding school that caters to kids from all over the world. The series will follow 3 girls who don't know each other upon their arrival at the school, but soon discover that they share a sensibility for the K Pop vibe - K Pop being "Korean Pop" a musical genre that originated in South Korea, and whose roots can be traced back decades."
The article said "No casting announcements yet, but a December 2014 to mid-march 2015 production date is eyed."
I don't really like the idea of a kpop show, especially if it's going to be on Nickelodeon. If they want to make a kpop show it should be in a channel like mtv or something. This fandom is too intense for little kids.
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