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I did a reaction for this music video a while back in August and it's just been sitting in my "must edit" folder since then. I thought that since it's Thursday and I'm itching to post again I'll finally start this Throwback Thursday thing I've been wanting to do for a while. I have a lot of videos I've never edited... Anyway, how do you feel about girl groups and "sexy concepts"?
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I actually completely forgot about this music video until the song started. I'm glad that you waited to review it because I know I was totally caught up in the controversy too and went into it expecting some huge sexy scandal. When I first watched it I admit I was really taken aback by the choreo but then I asked myself - why? There's no reason for me to feel uncomfortable about their dancing when I'm not uncomfortable with Bora's butt hanging out in 'I Swear' or the endless crotch grabbing from boy groups. I think expression of female sexuality has been repressed for so long that now the people who should be rooting for it the most - aka girls - think slut shaming or looking down on it is the right thing to do! I say - you go girls! The song wasn't my style but if they want to celebrate the fact that they are gorgeous and female, let them!