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I've shot countless concerts and live performances. Ra Diaz is certainly one of the most naturally gifted bassists I've ever met. From Chile in South America, he was living in Mexico and working with Mexican Hip Hop Artist Nina Dioz when I first met him. The performance I filmed - August 23rd, 2011, was Ra's first time performing in the USA. He was nervous. I told him to just be himself and do what he does. The crowd was cheering at the end of the first song. Ra plays with such energy and passion. You can't help but be moved by his masterful, funky, fluid grooves.
I always think that bassists are under-appreciated in many music groups. They might not have that crazy energy of a drum or guitar solo, but without a solid, passionate bass player your entire ensemble is going to sound weak. I love this guy's style!
Gotta love da funk. I agree with you @caricakes you miss so much dynamics and feels without a bassist
that was find and not f8 above. lol. stupid auto correct and stupider fat fingers. lol
the actual role of a bassist in an ensemble is that of the time keeper. most people mistakenly assume that the drummer sets the time. Of course in modern ensembles the bassist and drummer/percussionist are referred to collectively as the rhythm section. And you will f8 that the position of band leader/music director is almost always a bassist. The musicians with microphones or flashy electric guitars may get most of the glory, but without a solid bassist a band will fall apart quickly when performing.