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Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but there are little things you can do in order to make your trip even happier! Here are some tips that I have found useful when spending the day at this magical place. 1. Charge your devices and bring extra batteries This tip is especially important if you have kids or don't go to Disneyland as often as you would like so you can take as much pictures as you can.Take extra batteries so you won't have to find a charging station. If you desperately need to charge your devices, you can do so at the locker stations (you must pay for these lockers). I always like to keep it safe and bring both a battery and my charger. 2. Plan your trip out How you plan is up to you. I'd like to share a few apps that might help make planning easier: • Disneyland Inside Out App Look at attractions, places to eat, bathrooms, ride restrictions, and more. Android: iOS: • Anaheim City Guide App If you are traveling from far, far away and want to find some places to stay in Anaheim, then this is a good resource: Android: 3. Use the Disneyland Wait Times app I highly recommend downloading the Disneyland Wait Times app and using it throughout the day in order to be aware of wait times. You don't want to walk to the other side of the park for a 80 min wait time at Space Mountain if Indiana Jones is only a 40 min wait right around the corner. Android: iOS: 4. Download games to entertain you during wait times This really changes everything! Make that 2 hr wait at Cars land more bearable with some fun games. Worried about your battery? Remember the first tip! • Disneyland Resort Trivia A fun game of trivia, perfect since you will already be at the park! Android: • Heads Up! One of my favorite group games to play while waiting in line. Android: iOS: • Charades Android: iOS: ------------------------------------- Any other Disneyland fans out there have some tips to share? Perhaps an app I didn't mention?
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This is awesome. The only thing I know abut speeding my wait for the next ride is fast pass. I can't wait to try those apps you listed on my next visit. :)