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I used all Paul Mitchell color! Highlights: 2 oz of synchro with 4 oz 20 vol Roots: 1 oz 7n .5 oz 8n+ with 1.5 oz 20 vol Midshaft/ends: 1.5 oz 7n pm shine with 1.5 oz processing liquid Toner: 1.5 oz 8pn with 1.5 oz 5 vol I did the highlight first, then while they were processing I went back in between each foil to do the roots-ends. Then at the sink I let the toner sit for about 5 minutes 
Wow it looks so natural! You did a great job of matching her color - beautiful work!
Thank you so much 😊😊 @sophiamor
I agree with @sophiamor looks really natural! How long did the whole process take?
About 2 hours including cut and style @hairconfetti