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Meet the "Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury In Motion Research Vehicle" - a preview of how the self-driving car of the future will be the new living room, meeting room, or bedroom! Rather than a car, it could become a platform for communication and interaction. Ideally, this robot of a car will act as a "private retreat that additionally offers an important added value for society at large." (Mercedes) You will be able to choose (from your comfortable seat made of organic materials) whether you want a relaxed or 'dynamic' atmosphere, whether you want to see the passing scenery or a different landscape, or whether you want to sit in a chair or nap in a bed. I'm still wary of the self-driving car phenomenon, but this does look pretty luxurious!
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The self-driving car concept really scares me. Maybe I'm too old-schooled, but I want to have control over my wheels!