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Lately, I've been really obsessed with the messy braid look. This is perfect for a day out or even taking for yoga class. It's so simple and if you have long hair this is a cute way to keep hair off your face. How to achieve this look: 1. Part your hair to one side. 2. Separate the bang from the rest of your hair. 3. Divide the bang into 3 sections. 4. Start to french braid the bang section down, keeping it as close to your face as possible. 5. Continue to add small sections to your braid until you reach your neck. 6. Then add the rest of your hair into the three sections evenly. 7. Braid the rest of your hair. 8. Secure with an elastic. Remember to loosen braid to achieve the beautiful thick mermaid hair.
i dont know how to french braid
that hair style is amazing in so many ways
I really want to try this but I think my hair needs to be just a little bit longer. *sits and waits*
I can't seem to get of the crown braids down...I have tried different styles n they just seem to look Good
I love this!!!!
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