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Atlanta Hawks are officially on sale. The owners have been approved to sell off all shares of the team, which comes packaged with the arena. There are those who say that this move comes as a byproduct of the racial remarks (and their aftereffect) that were made by Hawks’ ownership this past summer (as is reported in this ESPN video). I think that is a lie. The reason this is happening is because the Clippers were sold for 2 billion dollars in a forced sale! That means that even when it was a buyer’s market, the infamous Donald Sterling received 2 billion dollars for a franchise that Forbes magazine valuated at near 600 million only a few months before! The Hawks ownership group determined that the Hawks will probably never have higher value than it does now. Why? The Hawks are selling out Phillips Arena on a nightly basis. They have the top team in the Eastern Conference, and more and more are being considered a top perennial contender in the East. So if you were an owner of the Hawks, why would you not want to sell? The Clippers were only valuated as being 100 million more valuable, so why would the Hawks not get close the same value? This same has nothing to do with moral reasons. This has nothing to do with public backlash. This has to do with money. Because ultimately to everyone but the fans, isn’t professional sports first a business, and then a sport? And isn’t that just a bit sad??
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@spudsy2061 yea there is no denying that money can change things, but there are ways to get around that in some sports. Clubs in Europe, though, do not allow that kind of competition. It is not only about football, but also about basketball, as well. There are only a few clubs that are expected to win anything in European basketball. why? they are the only ones that can spend
@Goyo There's always clubs that overspend. In Football it's known as "doing a Leeds". Still Manchester City are an example of why money wins Championships, Chelsea included as well.
@spudsy2061 I dont think that is true. Look at the Nets. They have paid the most money than any other club... over the past THREE years. And they suck!
It's really sad. Money wins championships these days and nothing can change that for the time being.