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I don't have a fancy camera but I have my phone and I try taking good pictures. They are not the best but for me is enough to love them. I fell in love with nature and if I can I will do my best to capture it thru the cameras I can have but one day I will be able to get a fancy camera and I will take better pictures.
thanks I'm new at this so it helps to be given good tips. but I thought my pictures had a story so I shared them. ^-^ I love taking pictures when I can but when I do take them I find a story for all of them.
I think the more you do it. ..The more you follow it the better you get at it. ..not only is the capturing important but a vision and perspective are equally important and that you develop by only doing a lot of photography. ..what you want to share with your audience through your photos is very important. .The lens only helps in beautifying it. .
The good pictures could be taken through any camera even though it is phone camera like yours ( just my think) The most important thing is the mind that you want to capture a moment ( just my think 2) :)
I believe that good photographs come from shooting, looking at your shots to see if you captured the story or feeling you're try to convey, rinse and repeat. Some great and powerful images can be made with a camera phone. The best camera to for the scene is the one you have on you.....keep shooting. https://www.flickr.com/photos/marktsimmons/8426555607/
it looks nice ^-^ keep up~
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