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This video captures some parents talking to their kids about sex for the first time. They each do it a little bit differently (and some kids know much more than others....). It is, of course, a terrible experience for all involved. How do you even start that conversation? How do you finish it? How do you keep them from telling the mailman, neighbors, grandma.....etc. etc.? Well, you don't! But you have to laugh about those parts! Education, at the right time, never hurts, only helps. It doesn't have to be traumatizing at all--though it will probably be laughable for everyone when looking back on the conversation! If a kid wasn't taught that sex and private parts are dirty, then the information would be about as traumatizing as learning how to brush your teeth, or remembering to make your bed. I'm not advocating telling them too early, but I am advocating education. And maybe film the talk, because it's probably going to be at least somewhat hilarious!
Nick told me. what'd did he tell you. Bad stuff. LMAO this is classic
"Does it come through the bottom?"
@KTM2014 I cant stop laughing either omg hahahaha so glad I cant remember my own birds&bees convo!!
@WinterJustice This is one of my biggest fears
it I'd very awkward for a parent to have this talk with their child. this video really helped!
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