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What is Ombré?

This was one of the trending request for hairstylist last year. Ombré is a hair coloring technique that display a gradient effect from the roots to the ends. The style is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. Some people get this look from growing out their dyed hair, others achieve this look from going to a salon getting balayage highlights. Balayage is a free form highlighting technique. Powder lightener is generally used to paint individual strands of hair. This create a more natural look than normal highlighting. Many people go with this option to achieve the natural style that involves low-maintanence. If you're getting an ombré from the salon be sure to request balayage for a more softer highlight. Interesting fact: The term "Ombré" is actually derived from a French word meaning "shade" or "shading."
@maymay75 If you ever decide to try it, go with balayage ombré. It's a softer blend!
I've always wanted to try ombré hair, but I'm afraid it'll won't look good with my dark hair.
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I am currently on a vegan bender! I want all organic all healthy all the time! So of course if the makeup and skincare things that I apply ON my body could be just as healthy as the things I put IN my body, I'd be one happy healthy camper. So I've looked into it, I've done the research. And here we have it my friends! A list of organic brands that will feel, look and probably taste (though, I dont recommend it) amazing on your skin! 1. Alima Pure Best For : Powder foundation for all skin tones Eco-Friendly : Soy-based inks on recycled paper packaging, carbon-neutral, reusable compacts Ethical : Cruelty-free, Certified B Corp Price Range : $14 (eyeshadow) - $270 (brush set)  2. W3LL PEOPLE Best For : Minimalist makeup Eco-Friendly : Uses natural ingredients, sustainable practices Ethical : Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly Price Range : $12 (mini creme bronzer) - $29 (foundation stick) 3. Au Naturale Best For : Bold lip color Eco-Friendly : Organic, naturally-sourced ingredients Ethical: Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free Price Range : $18 (lipgloss) - $38 (foundation) 4. 100% Pure Best For: Fruit-pigmented mascara Eco-Friendly : Recycled packaging Ethical : Cruelty-free Price Range | $7 (face masks) - $65 (aging serums) 5. Juice Beauty Best For : Moisturizers, anti-wrinkle treatments & serums Eco-Friendly : USDA Organic, local sourcing, uses solar and wind power, recycled packaging Ethical : Vegan, cruelty-free, donates to charity Price Range : $22 (eye pencil) - $45 (cream foundation) There you have it, friends. You can get an entire full face of makeup on that is not only organic but also cruelty free and safe for the environment! Beat your face worry-free! For more info check out this cool website that helps you to bring about social change through your consumerism!