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Have you ever wished there was a secret formula to getting over a breakup? The end of relationships can be devastating and completely disorientating. Well, the people over at SoulPancake who do the Science of Love videos have done one on the science behind breakups - and a a method for getting over them. They start by saying that instead of "toughing it out," you should give yourself permission to "feel it all." That sounds very scary and unpleasant - but totally reasonable. One of the craziest things to learn was that our brains during a breakup are doing some of the same things as the brains of people getting over an addiction. That explains a lot! I think they make some really great points of advice. Do you agree? What are your tips for getting over a breakup?
I definitely dont tough it out, but more like whine it out lol. Unfortunately for my friends, I go into indecisive oh god what should I do mode until one them helps me snap out of it or I run myself dry. Its not always pleasant, but it helps me feel everything I need to feel!
@mrsmith definitely agree still...
Yes a great video, I think like Helen Fisher says, love is for some people really like a drug with all the chemical changes going on in the body, it takes a few months for the body to return to normal, and thus time really is needed to get over love....
this video is absolutely amazing very inspirational & companionate
yes @hikaymm i definitely agree, I never had to deal with a drug problem, but these days I think in a way you got to treat love as a drug, and just give yourself lots of compassion, eat well and do some physical things, and except it takes time until it wares off... I think long relationships can be a little different as the body changes a little over time... and the short intense relationships can be harder to cope with.